Seamless Stitching of Bracketed Images —
Software Provided Magic Revealed…

Learn How We Use PTGui To Link & Align Bracketed Images & Stitch Multiple HDR Bracketed Panoramic Photos For Better, Seamless, Cleaner Final Images…

Learn recommended settings when stitching your brackets
in order to prepare your HDR bracketed images for Photomatix…

In this video we reveal our recommended HDR panorama process using PTGui to stitch bracketed panoramics to achieve cleaner blend planes. We walk through the settings and features we want to use with PTGui to prepare our stitched HDR panoramas for the next step in the post-process…

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PTGui, or the graphical user interface for Panoramic Tools, and makes stitching of multi-image panoramas a breeze. The software pre-recognizes HDR bracketed images and fits seamlessly into an HDR photographers essential tool box. Easy to use and an essential addition to a panorama photographers process.

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In The Next Video We’ll Start Working With Photomatix
& Unlock The Secrets of Exposure Fusion…

We’ll use a low light panoramic shoot as an example to run through various options in Photomatix Pro and cover our preferred view settings, pre-sets, adjustments, blending points, exposure fusion and more…



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  1. Harsharn Gill

    A wonderful tutorial and very helpful, thankyou.

    I take it all of the 9 panoramics produced are identical, regardless of exspoure. including the very dark ones, which are just for the extreme highlights. Does PTGUI take the stitch information from the 0 EV files, as it would otherwise be impossible for the software to stitch -3 EV images together for example due to the lack of detail?

    Thankyou in advance.


    • Kevin

      Yes, a tripod was used in this case to ensure that very detail.

      There is a point in the tutorial where the software asks if a tripod is used, (right after aligning images) – letting it know that they are a bracketed set taken from a tripod.

      That’s how PTGui knows in this instance how to layer/align the images, it doesn’t need control points between exposures because it knows they are already perfectly aligned.

  2. Aaron Eriksson

    Hello, subscibed to your youtube. Awesome content. I was shooting in ptgui, and got some cloudy areas where I stitched.

    Have you seen this?

    What would cause and what can prevent it?

    • Kevin

      Hi Aaron,
      FIrstly, I would make sure you are using the most updated version of PTGui, if not, make the update.

      Following that, your likely issue is nodal points, or a bad stitch caused by a lack of contrasting colors preventing PTGui from having something to latch on to.

      Confirm your nodal point is correct. Have you shot without issue previously? Check the adjustable on rotator, is it set correctly? Then try from beginning again.

      If still running into issues, can set control points manually in the cloudy areas.

      These are the likely culprits, though of course there could be a number of other variables, if the above does not solve, it becomes a matter of isolating each in turn and ruling them out.

  3. Bruce

    I am having trouble with PTGui when I load the photos I get a message the photos are not bracketed. I know how to bracket. I have taken three of the photos and put them in Photomatic Pro and I get a HDR.

    I have read there troubleshooting guide 6.3 that deals with this problem, and I have contacted there support. I can tell looking at the photos the are different exposures.

    I am up to lesson 5 in your lessons I have even went step by step with the lessons and still get the same message.

    Also what are you using for a panoramic tripod head?

    Thank you

    • Kevin

      Messy, nightmare that could go round and round. root of the problem is likely going to be that your camera maker (probably Canon) is not passing the bracketing information (exposure = – 2, 0. + 2 etc.) in the exif data.

      PTGui support has a whole section dedicated to this that can be found here:

      This can be verified by looking at the RAW file in Adobe Bridge or similar (Light Room, Aperture etc.).

      If this is the case then you would either have to add the data manually or hack the cameras firmware to add. Either way next question will be what software do I use to do that? Followed by how do I do that with my software. Why doesn’t my camera maker add it etc…

      If you are Canon owner they will get defensive and insist that Canon does have bracket info in exif… bla, bla, bla. I assure you Canon does not.

      Re: Tripod Head for Panoramic’s
      I’ve used a number of different manufacturer’s attempts. In the midst of writing a comprehensive equipment review that will cover this in detail, I’ll update you when it’s live as it reveals all my favorite gear and details why.


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