Planning Is 90% of Any Successful Endeavor AND
Preparing For Success From The Start is Vital For Achieving Top Quality…

How To Use Adobe Bridge to Organize Your HDR Project & Set Yourself Up For
Better, Faster, Cleaner Workflow…

See how we organize the bracketed images
and prepare for a successful project…

In this video you can watch how I use Adobe Bridge to manage the bracketed images from a high dynamic range panorama project. We’ll be working through the project step-by-step so you can follow along, revealing all the settings, processing secrets and workflow we use to create our final images.

Resources Used in Video

Adobe Bridge CS6

We discuss the use of Adobe bridge for the organization of your projects media files. Large projects become increasingly unwieldly, and when you include bracketed images it can be downright maddening. Adobe Bridge helps manage the chaos.

For Smaller Displays

In The Next Video We’ll Reveal
How We Use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) To Correct Images…

Find out how we use chromatic aberration removal, white cards for white balance adjustments and other settings when processing RAW images for high dynamic range.



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  1. Bob Moore

    Very helpful . . . thanks

  2. paul

    I have not bought any adobe products. I do have paint shop pro X6 and a pentax k500 camera. I am also wondering if the photomatix essential is good enough as I am an amateur and not a pro. Thanks!

    • Paulseso

      Hi Paul – I do have Paint Shop Pro 9 as well as Photomatix Pro 4.0.2 and I can vouch for it that you don’t have to be a pro to use them!
      The problem when you have too many products is that there are times that you don’t see the trees for the forest. My products also include:
      Elements 11
      Lighroom 5.6
      Photoshop CS6 / Adobe Bridge CS6
      Picasa 3
      Perfect Effects 9
      Capture One and
      This has created a problem for me in getting my workflow working along smoothly and seeing the first video just proves that having a proper workflow is the way to start correctly when doing HDR


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