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Photomatix Pro


We use it, we love it. No getting around it, this is our goto software of choice that we turn to time and time again to make us look good.
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Photoshop CS


People love to hate on Adobe, and there do exist a number of free alternatives, but Photoshop has been a staple in the Digital Image experts toolbox for years.


Photomatix Settings Tutorial by Ferrell McCollough


Thorough and useful guide that goes into slider settings and other options using photomatix pro for creating high dynamic range images.


AEB Specifications by Camera


This is a really neat resource I ran across, not sure who put this together but it’s super helpful when comparing or considering cameras.


HDR Best Practices Article by Brian Matiash


Interesting top 10 list of Brian’s best practice recommendations from choosing the shot, setting exposure and bracketing tips.


Bracketing Setting by Camera – Video Tutorials


From our friends at Photomatix, here are some great video tutorials on setting AEB for different camera models. Excellent time saver.


HDR Timelapse Post-Production Work-Flow by Patryk Kizny

Timelapse HDR Work-Flow

Process maps and work flows are a time tested secret of high volume photographers. This is a good layout of the post-production steps involved.


High Dynamic Range Images – Royal Photographic Society Technical Articles


Great collection of technical journal articles from a long time pro who knows his stuff and has worked hard to push the limits of HDR. Check out some of his work in monochrome if you get a chance, stellar portfolio.


Tone Mapping Tutorial


Great tone mapping tutorial that simply and directly lays out what is required for success. To the point, the way I like it.



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