Photomatix Coupon Code – Use ‘BonusHDRPro15’ 15% Discount Promo

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Are you ready to start creating jaw dropping, ghost free, stunning HDR digital images?

Want a discount to get started?

Well… HDRSoft created the processing software WE use and recommend, Photomatix Pro. To make getting started easier, our friends with HDRSoft have provided us an exclusive Photomatix coupon code for 15% off purchases of both pro and essential editions of the software as well as for the plugins or the full bundled edition.

“I’m simply astounded at the power of this program and what it can do for your photography.” ~ Kevin Pryce

Tone mapping, deghosting tools (check out our step-by-step deGhosting training if you haven’t already), 1-click presets and more…

This software was coded to provide you the tools you need to process and create great high dynamic range images, period…

What are you waiting for, join the thousands of expert photographers around the world already creating high quality, stunning imagery, use our exclusive promo code and get started today.

Why Choose Photomatix?

Why do so many people turn to Photomatix for help… and why do people absolutely rave about what the software does?

It’s because it gets the results your looking for!

The reviews are in and Photomatix Pro is the most popular software for HDR processing available…

Is it the only option? For the longest time, the two giants of HDR software providing solutions for professional photographers and hobbyists alike have been NIKSoftware Efex Pro and HDRSoft. There exist other smaller providers that I won’t mention here, it saves time, headache and hassle to work only with the best, (an opinion I hold that applies to everything from equipment to freelancers).

For a time, expert photographers seemed to be on the fence, both are powerful solutions that could get the job done. I must admit a bias towards Photomatix simply because from the start I was more comfortable with the interface, (personal preference only).

Once Nik Software, makers of HDR Efex Pro sold their company to Google Sep 17 2012, it settled the matter in my mind, as I no longer can vouch for the focus of the company, attention to quality or customer support.

HDRSoft Rocks, Here’s Why…

The company, and more importantly the team behind Photomatix, HDRSoft, has turned us into true believers.

They offer top notch customer support, are available when problems arise and their software simply IS the best available. They offer a suite of training videos and share numerous tips and tricks which will help make you a better photographic artist no matter your current skill level.

Image PreProcessing:
Preprocessing Options

The Interface:
tone mapping software

Selective DeGhosting Feature:
Selective DeGhosting Options

I know first hand, they care about providing the best tools for photographers, they actively promote the HDR photographic community and their passion for their products shows.

The support team has been instrumental in helping me in the past when I can’t seem to get the right settings to achieve the results I want. I ask – they help…

Available Special Offers for Savings

HDRSoft is actively improving and updating their products and provide a number of value-laden add-ons and standalone products, at the time of this writing including:

  • Photomatix Pro (Available in 64-bit & 32-bit, Mac & Windows)
  • Essentials
  • Pro Plus Bundle
  • Photomatix Plug-In for Apple Aperture
  • Tone Mapping Plug-In for Photoshop CS2/3/4/5/6
  • Merge to 32-bit HDR Plug-in for Lightroom

Additionally, they offer their HDR software for free (including plug-ins), downloadable online as a promotional free trial so you can try and see for yourself. The Photomatix free trial promo has no time limitation and is fully functional. In other words, the free trial NEVER expires, and you can experience for yourself how robust it is and if it fits your photographic needs. Saved photos have watermarks, which can be removed once you purchase a license.

Discounts are also available for university students and teachers and charities and chruch organizations may be entitled to a free or discounted licenses as well.

Our exclusive Photomatix coupon code, ‘BONUSHDRPro15’, is valid throughout the year and can be used for a discount on purchases for both Mac, Windows, Essentials, Pro edition and any plugins for their software. Use our promo code today to get a license, and start making rock star quality HDR photos of your own!

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  1. Daniel premiere

    How do I get the15 percent coupon?

  2. Marty

    HDRsoft says your coupon code is outdated. Do you have something that works?

    – It’s Been Renewed and Works Now — Thanks!


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