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Dealing with Ghosting in HDR Photos

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One of the more common side effects of HDR Photography is blurred motion or what is commonly referred to as ‘ghosting’.  With just a little research and practice, you can address this common issue with great results in no time. The most obvious way to minimize camera movement between shots is to use a tripod.  Other than that you will just need a little help from HDR processing software like Photomatix Pro.

Any motion that occurs between the bracketed set of images you take will result in an HDR image that will display motion.   Here is a classic example of ghosting below:

HDR Ghosting

Even with a tripod, some images are impossible to capture without motion.  For example a crowd, running water or in the example above moving cars.  Fortunately there are some high tech software tools that can remove ghosting in your post processing. 

Our favorite is contained right within Photomatix Pro. 

Here are three video examples that illustrate the 3 methods using the Deghosting tool in Photomatix Pro.

Method 1 – Automatic DeGhosting in Photomatix Pro

Method 2 – Semi-Automatic Method of DeGhosting

Method 3 – Selective DeGhosting Using Photomatix Pro – Manually Selecting Exposure for Ghosted Areas

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  1. Christi Richards

    Hi there. I have a question. I have a few great photos and my son took them using the HDR which made them blurry. They would have been excellent photos so I am so bummed. Is there any way to fix an already taken HDR photo?? Thank you!! Christi


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