Having photographed for some of the world’s most exclusive venues —
Now he wants to help YOU!
(He’s created a special opportunity, to get you started right.)

Let This “HDR Photography Pro” Show YOU How to Create Sharper, Pixel-Perfect, Ache-Inducing Beautiful Images, Revealing The Very Techniques Most Pros Conceal

How would you like to join the THOUSANDS of photographers using HDR around the world for masterful nighttime imagery, conquering motion, revealing greater contrast … and creating flaw free polish to their images processsing with an ease they never thought possible?

“I’m relatively new to HDR. It was pretty intimidating, to be honest. You literally handed me a workflow for each step that took all the frustration out of the process. Unbelievable. Thank you, you are a genius! We’ve added your techniques to great effect in our multimedia business, you have made a better photographer out of me, and made it look easy.”
~ Peter Fiederel – Erding, Germany

Meet Kevin Pryce, from an early age, a passion for photographic arts was clear…

kevin pryce as a young photographer

Meet Kevin Pryce now, a working photographer and developer of the 10 Video HDR Mini-Course…

working photographer kevin pryce




Kevin helped develop and adapt one of the leading panoramic solutions for high dynamic range and has helped thousands achieve HDR results – from hobbyists just getting started with these techniques looking to learn the fundamental skills necessary to get going…

…to serious photographers looking to build a better reputation, offer expanded services and to attract new clients.

Why do such exclusive brands come to Kevin for help … and why do they rave about his techniques?

It’s because he gets the results they’re looking for!

And what he’s done for THEIR photoshoots, he can now do for YOU.

…because in order to reach out and help more artists, Kevin is making his time available to a select very special few…


1 Hour Private “One on One” Telephone Consultation with Kevin

We’ll spend an hour on the phone (I’m only doing this for the 3 top entries each month) discussing your HDR technique and how we can get it cranking. I’m routinely paid $600+ and more for post-processing advice.


one-on-one personalized coaching


The solution for serious photographers looking to master HDR photography and tired of less than ecstatic clients, blurry colors, blown out lights, and the pain amateur methods may be causing!

Find out why the world’s largest Hotel / Resort group, some of the world’s most luxurious nightclubs, and celebrities like Toby Keith are counted among his many satisfied clients:

“I’m simply amazed at the difference in results I’m able to achieve with your help. I had a mental block, and simply wasn’t able achieve what I envisioned — to see how it all fit together… The steps you shared with me, I’m confident will transform my business. I’m glad I found you. Thank your for taking the time out. Best wishes, and keep up the good work.”
~ Timothy Boyd

Let me help you overcome what is holding you back
from creating the best photos of your life…

Being able ‘bring the heat’ to the most exclusive clients with your final images – including premiere venues Marquee Las Vegas & TAO – isn’t far off from what most photographers are capable.

  • First, I make sure we have the right equipment to achieve our desired effect…. the best software for processing our images.
  • Next came preparing the location – applying set tricks to ensure a hassle free… and more importantly, aberration free shoot.
  • And finally, I worked through a step-by-step workflow, applying a number of tone-mapping, editing and finishing techniques and processing ‘tricks’, to polish, clean and stylize my images to perfection..


But the truth is, I can’t honestly or accurately predict the exact results you can expect … because I don’t know how well you are doing right now. In other words, without knowing where you ARE, I can’t say where you’ll GET, or when you’ll get there.

If your fundamentals are already slab-of-granite solid … with the kind of precision, high contrast, striking colors, and exposure range that would make most photographers drool with envy … then your gains are likely to be smaller – answers more specific.

But, since most HDR photography is sopping wet with aberrations and glaring errors such as color loss, halo effects, blurred out lighting, and stitch aberrations … technique that can lead to frustrating image failures, unhappy clients, re-shoots, and unacceptable inconsistency…

Here’s my simple promise to you:
Create noticeably better images, put an end to HDR workflow nightmares, and enjoy creating in high dynamic range like never before
…or you pay nothing!

100% money back guarantee 60 days

Between my family (3 beautiful daughters – my #1 priority – no exceptions), and my own projects… My time is incredibly limited — I can’t possibly help everyone…
…for this reason the opportunity is only available for 3 select students each month…

IF you are not serious about HDR photography… are looking for flip-a-switch short-cuts … or don’t plan to take action and USE what you learn … THEN THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

IF you do not seek excellence in all your endeavors big or small … if you do not take pride in your art and seek to perfect it … THEN THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

IF digital photography is your passion … BUT you are living month-to-month or the investment risks your ability to meet your families needs … THEN … start with our 10 Video HDR Mini-Course we created and offer absolutely FREE until you catch up and can invest in your skills again…

But WAIT! I STILL Want To Get Personalized Coaching?

“How To Apply For Your Personalized One-on-One Consult”…

In order to get a “One-on-One” expert HDR consult, you are required to email for consideration… Only 3 select applicants will be selected each month…

Include your level of experience, the type of projects you work on, the equipment and software you currently use and of course your name. VERY IMPORTANT: Please include a short description detailing why you would be a good selection for the next available coaching session.

If you are selected, you will be contacted via email to schedule the next available opportunity to receive your HDR consult…


Rock Solid Expert Techniques…
  …Make It Look Easy!!!



  1. Adrian Sullivan

    I have the camera and lens and tripod to set me off on the road to HDR photography, what do I need to support this in the way of computer power and suitable software at a reasonable cost ?

    • Kevin

      Welcome aboard Adrian! Good news is, whether PC or Mac, your average system these days has more than enough capability. You will need software like Photomatix – Use our exclusive coupon code of ‘BonusHDRPro15′ for 15% off at time of purchase – Essential software, but not hardware intensive. Adobe suite is the most demanding (there are free alternatives though), if you can run Photoshop comfortably your system will be fine, and it all depends how much patience you have to wait on loads and processing… IF you keep your focus more on the absolutely ache inducing subject matter that surrounds us all each and every day– you can’t go wrong…


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